China Compulsory Certification

We have resources on the ground in China and the US to handle any or all of your CCC certification, also known as China Compulsory Certification, activities. Here is a partial list of CCC services we have provided to our customers:

  • Wire fee assistance
  • Application prep
  • Documentation prep
  • COP plan prep and approval
  • Part shipping support/customs
  • Part testing
  • Test report generation
  • Factory inspection scheduling
  • Factory inspection preparation
  • Factory inspection support, hosting inspectors, translation, advice
  • Factory inspection report generation
  • Factory inspection non-conformance resolution
  • New regulations communication and interpretation
  • CCC cert issuance
  • CCC cert modification
  • Marking permission application
  • Marking permission document issuance

We can initiate any of these activities or step in mid-stream when something is stuck for you.

We can assist companies with little or no past China Compulsory Certification experience and those who just want to offload the headaches to us, as we customize our offering to our customer’s needs. We will tailor a package specifically for your case, from assisting you from beginning to end of initial certification, to annual maintenance/updates and even managing the entire process for your company, or any step in between, including advising you as to whether or not your product even needs CCC certification or not.  As opposed to many other consultants, we will work with you in advance to make sure your applications, document submissions, tests and inspections will pass, giving you confidence in your timing.

We are the lowest cost solution as we prepare a custom quote based on your needs, with no added, irrelevant costs. Feel free to shop any existing quote to us and we will beat that price.  Our services are guaranteed and we offer the fastest turn-around time with regular updates along the entire certification process. The ability to reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week underscores our commitment to customer service. We also offer each of our clients regulatory and certification news updates so you’ll never have to worry about having your internal department monitor policy updates. Let AGCS handle all your China certification needs.

Conformity of Production Consultation and Testing Services As part of CCC, Conformity of Production (CoP) is becoming a major factor in quality and certification requirements. Our CoP experts can advise you on the lowest cost basis to fulfill these requirements. CoP requirements can be included in our package or quoted separately if your company is already handing CCC requirements appropriately. We will work directly with China labs to have CoP testing and requirements completed in an expeditious manner.